FICO® Standard – Review

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FICO® Standard – Review

FICO® Standard is the entry-level product from myFICO. For $15.95, it allows you to pull your FICO® score from Experian or Trans Union and then dive into all the details of your credit report.

The structure of this product is nice. They have 9 clearly labeled tabs divided into 3 areas:

  • Credit Score
    • FICO Score Summary
    • Understanding Your Score
    • How Lenders See You
  • Credit Report
    • Credit At-a-glance
    • Credit Accounts
    • Inquiries
    • Collections
    • Public Records
  • Next Steps

The Score Summary gives a quick overview of my score, but switching to the Understanding your score tab shows exactly what’s hurting and helping your score.  They’ve taken the “reason code” which can be a daunting industry term and translated it to things that hurt and things that help.

Next, the how lenders see you tab puts your FICO® score to work to show you your interest rate and payments tab.

The credit reports sections do a great job of being concise showing an overview of account status and then all your accounts on a single page.  Collection, inquiry and public record data can be viewed as well.

Finally, once you are through your reports, you can look for errors and dipute them with a tool that generates the letters for you.  You can also do “what-if” scenarios on your FICO credit score using the Score Simulator.

All and all.  This product has a lot of features for $15.95.

myFICO Suze Orman FICO Kit – Review

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Suze Orman FICO Kit Review – $49.95

The Suze Orman FICO Kit includes most of the the credit features you see in many other credit products with a couple of other features. Right off the bat, you see that the product allows you to get 3 FICO score report pulls. But, wait, there’s a difference. These can be pulled in a number of different ways. For example,

  • You can pull your TU and Equifax reports and FICO scores and save 1 pull for a later date
  • You can pull your Equifax report and allow your sister and brother to each pull their Equifax [or TU] report.

The core features of the Suze Orman FICO Kit stem out of the Action Planner and it’s rich features:

  • Examine Your FICO Scores and Reports
    • Your FICO Score
    • Understanding Your Score – Reason Codes
    • Credit At a Glance
    • Accounts
    • Inquiries
    • Collections
    • Public Records
  • Find and Correct Disputes
  • Debt Eliminator
    • Credit Snapshot
    • APR negotiating tips
    • Your repayment plan
    • Your FICO Future
  • Mortgage Payments
    • Your Mortgage type
    • Your mortgage details
    • What the future may hold
  • InfoVault

Suze wouldn’t be Suze if she didn’t offer advice, and she’s done a great job of organizing the product around the action planner. This includes dispute assistance, the debt eliminator, a mortgage payment watcher and the InfoVault. The dispute tool is neat as it has a simple process to generate a letter. The debt eliminator is a great tool to help you negotiate with credit card companies for better rates and develop an action plan to pay down your debt.

Watch the video to learn more. See our other credit product reviews as well.

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