myFICO Score Watch with FICO Email Alerts – Review

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Score Watch is the set-it-and-forget-it credit score product. This product is a subscription service which unlike many monitoring services pushes FICO credit score updates to you in the form of email and SMS cell text messages.

How Score Watch Works

Typically, a consumer will start using this product by pulling one of the 2 reports available, leaving the 2nd one for a later date. Once you get your report, the Score Watch platform keeps a history of your credit scores going forward and is checking to see when your score changes. But it also allows you to be notified in case you change interest rate qualifying bands.

Score Watch has five tabs that make up the product. The tab that means the most is the settings tab. Here you can set the score you want alerts when you reach that target. Next, you can set targets for account percentage increases, dollar increases (e.g. $500) and notification of usage of inactive cards.

The other tabs track your history and also show you

The company was smart about security in that you get alerts that say “ your score has increased by 11 points” instead of saying “your new score is 726”. This is nice should your email or cell phone be compromised at some point.

This is a great product for someone looking to find out exactly when their score peaks to apply for loans at the best time. It also works well as an ID theft product as ID theft would lead to a noticeable score alert.

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2 Responses to “myFICO Score Watch with FICO Email Alerts – Review”

  1. Teana Barbour on August 25th, 2009 5:04 pm

    How often can you receive an up dated credit report? I am getting ready to file Bankruptcy due to health issues and I need to be able to update and check to see that they have deleted all bad debt

  2. VideoCreditScore-Andy on August 26th, 2009 3:15 pm

    There’s a couple ways to do this. First, you can pull it every 30 days to see if it’s been updated. Alternatively, you can sign up for Score Watch, get one month free and then cancel it after you get your results. With Score Watch, you will know when your file is updated because the score alert will be large and obvious.

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