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Besides the 100 plus posts I’ve done on various credit score questions and answers, I’ve also done a series of Lessons – all under 10 minutes in length.  In order to really get the benefit of the lessons, your first step is to get your FICO credit scores. A great way to start is with a free trial of Score Watch.

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Credit Score 101

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New to Credit Scores? Watch this short overview. In less than 3 minutes, this video will provide you the basics of credit scores.

Companies use a credit score to assess your likelihood of paying whether its to get a car loan, a home loan, a credit card, or even a cell phone.


Credit Score Factors Pie

Click to Watch Once people get their credit scores — and if you haven’t done this already you should – anyway, once they get their credit scores, they tend to look at their credit report and see that they may have a couple of items flagged for impacting their credit score. The gut reaction is to treat these all equally. Or, worse, focus on the easiest item. That’s a mistake.

How to Get Your Credit Report

Click to Watch There are numerous places to get your credit reports and scores and while it seems to be that everyone is looking for the clear right answer for which product or website is best, it really depends on what you are looking for.

We’ll go through some of the better products here, but also check out the Comparisons Tab to see how each product is different.


Credit Score Myths

Click to Watch This lesson focuses on credit score myths. People ask a lot of questions about credit scoring. But, is it because it’s complicated? We think that one thing that makes it appear complicated is the vast number of myths that exist in Credit Scoring. Here’s our list of some of the biggest.

Marriage, Divorce and Credit Scores

Click to Watch As if the credit scoring game isn’t hard enough to track with 3 scores per person, once you get hitched, you now have 6 scores to worry about. Many people think their scores merge when they marry. Not true. There is no such thing as a joint credit score. So face it, you have 6 Scores now. If you haven’t pulled all 6 of your scores do it now.

Higher FICO Credit Scores

Click to Watch See all the ads on TV that say – “we erase your bad credit” or “we can remove bankruptcies”? Notice your gut reaction is to not believe them. Trust your gut. There is no quick fix for a low credit score, but that doesn’t mean you are sunk. We’ve spoken to many people who have increased their scores by a 100 points or more in less than a year.

ID Theft Basics

Click to Watch This is a big topic so we are going to split it up and we will cover the “definitions” and ID theft prevention in this lesson and how to “treat” an Identity theft in Lesson 8 and then in Lesson 9, we will address Fraud Freezes and Fraud Alerts and when to use each one.

ID Theft Treatment for Victims

Click to Watch So here’s a good checklist of what to do

Place a 90-day fraud alert on your credit file, by contacting any of the 3 bureaus. It’s free and it’s easy. Again, you don’t need to contact all 3 bureaus. Once, 1 knows they tell the other 2. To set this up call any of the 3 bureaus, Equifax’s number is 1-800-685-1111


Fraud Alerts and Credit Freezes

Click to Watch An alert places a statement on your credit report so that if a fraudster attempts to obtain credit in your name, the creditor, in checking your credit, will encounter a statement that says something to this effect: “I may be a victim of fraud. Call me at my phone number 312-555-7890 before extending credit.” By calling you, the creditor ensures more security.