853 FICO Credit Score … huh?

January 22, 2009 by  
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I got a score alert from my Wamu credit card that said I had a credit score of 853. But, wait. Haven’t I been saying that FICO scores max out at 850. While is true for the mortgage scores, this is not the case for the auto industry scores and the bank card scores. These FICO Scoring models go from 250-900.

Man, I was feeling all special with my 853. Now, I know it’s really good, but not as good as it can be. Ironically, I’m not sure why my score rose 22 points. On my myFICO Score Watch account, my FICO fell by 7 points and has been falling from my recent 800 peak of a few months ago. Plus, I know why. So I’m unclear what the bank card sees as being better behavior here.

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