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A 711 Credit Score is a good rating on the FICO credit score scale. It used to be a great credit score, but it depends on the scoring model. This 711 Score is:

  • 49 points lower than the highest break point of 760 FICO credit score to get the best interest rate loans according to myFICO.com.
  • 139 points lower than a perfect 850 FICO credit score.
  • 711 score would be a “C” rated score on the VantageScoreSM, scale.
  • 279 points lower than a perfect score in the VantageScoreSM scoring model
  • 190 points away from the best tier of 901+ for VantageScoreSM
  • 119 points away from a perfect score on the PLUS score system, which scale goes from 330 to 830.

FICO Score Range

Which credit score did you get? Check out my post on what a credit score includes. If you have a non-FICO score, you should probably get your FICO credit score to see what most lenders see. myFICO Score Watch monitors your FICO score by delivering email alerts and cell phone text message alerts each time your FICO score changes.

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